For the Minimalist Male

For the Minimalist Male

For the Minimalist Male

    Luxe Clothing, Colorado, Miami, New York - Styled men wearing crop pants and blazer.      

I moved to Denver from SoFlo 4 years ago. As you could imagine Denver and Miami are both polar opposite cities that offer so much in very different ways. Because I have such a passion for style, creativity and fashion the first thing I noticed was the way people dressed. Don't get me wrong...The Mile High city has fashionable people but most are Minimalist. I think women excel over the men in the style column. 

Since becoming a Stylist part of my job is to not only put clothing on a frame but to actually teach men how to dress their physiques, customize their own personal style and I also do closet overhauls. The #1 statement I usually get is, "Dani, I am just a basic dude". I usually chalk it up to mean that this person does the bare minimum. If your ears are ringing right now, then this is great news for you. Basic doesn't have to equal boring. Basic to me means classic. 

Knowing what staples to have in your closet will keep your look fresh. The great news is you can actually keep things simple, comfortable but still turn heads. The key to keeping your look updated are 3 things:



Fit. Length. Subtle Details

Sorry Fellas, baggy is out! Like not even a little. Fitted and tapered is where it is at. You want to make sure the length of your pant is hitting you at the right spot which would be your ankle. This is the era that Steve Urkle would have had it right. Ankle cleavage is SOOOO SEXY. You get subtle style points for the small details like, cuffing your pant, wearing ripped jeans with a button up shirt or even cuffing your short sleeve shirt. Classic tees and shirt, opt for a basic neckline but for a longer back. For you older Gentleman, this look doesn't have to be so dramatic. Go for a slight difference in length. Formal jackets are usually worn longer now and casual jackets hit right at the waist. Throw some flavor into the mix by adding a classic Converse or any shoe that has maybe a print or a leather sneaker. This will add some personal flair to the world. If you continue to use these 3 steps and pay attention to the trends of fit, length and details then you will know when its time to make minute changes to your closet every few years. 



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